BMO’s 2.99 Rate

General Vince Tarantino 30 Mar

To all of my REALTOR friends who have clients wanting the BMO 2.99% product … BMO is offering max 25 yr am, term is fully closed, no refi’s or early renewals, IRD is typically a min of 4%, lower prepayment options, less payment frequency options. So much for their tag line Get Home Free Faster! […]

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Should you Buy Property On Leased Land

General Vince Tarantino 19 Dec

Great article on leased land,   Should You Buy Property On Leased Land? The pros and cons of purchasing a house through a land lease contract By Moshe Pollock Ready-Homeownership Generally, a person purchasing a home buys the house and the land upon which it is situated. But there is a form of home buying […]

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Metropolitan Toronto Condo Outlook

General Vince Tarantino 20 Nov

Written by Genworth Unit sales in Toronto’s resale market are forecast to fall by 1.2 per cent in 2012, in line with modest economic growth and federal efforts to calm overheated markets. Starts in the new market will drop 2.2 per cent, even after hitting record levels in the first quarter. A new land transfer […]

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60 Months Ago Rates were double!!??!?!

General Vince Tarantino 29 Oct

Here is a cool article on The Globe and Mail Regarding our times and these historic low mortgage rates.     “Just 60 short months ago, mortgage rates were double what they are now. That means payments on a 25-year mortgage of equal size were 36% higher than today. Since then, the amortization gods have slashed mortgage […]

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